Thank you to our speakers, sponsors, and delegates who joined us in Nashville for the summit!

LEAP HR: Logistics & Transportation 2023 was your only opportunity to discover how logistics and transportation HR thought leaders are tackling challenges specific to the supply chain sector.  

Stepping inside 20+ practical examples of the HR strategies with a marked ROI that are enabling LPS, Carrier & CEP organizations to find new ways to tackle a fast-intensifying frontline workforce talent crisis and upskill their existing workforce in an increasingly automated and digitalized environment.  

Those who took part left with the inspiration and tools you need to genuinely transform HR impact on business performance as you continue to navigate an uncertain external talent and business operating market. 

Attendees were able to connect with a community of the most innovative HR leaders in the logistics and transportation industry, for a genuinely disruptive conversation around how we attract, develop, inspire and retain the talent needed to stay competitive in a rapidly growing, and increasingly demanding industry. 

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Your 2023 Program Highlights Include: 

US Express

How U.S. Xpress is re-designing performance management to streamline succession planning. 


How LaserShip has appointed Cultural Ambassadors to bridge the gap between the organization and the dispersed, hourly workforce to create true two-way feedback. 


How Southwest Airlines is an employee brand of choice, and has developed internships and education from elementary school through to college to attract next-gen talent into the


How C.H. Robinson is instilling DEI across company ESG effortsand talent acquisition, and vice versa.

How PECO Pallet is evolving its DE&I strategy to increase engagement from remote office workforce to the distribution depot workforce. 


How Maersk is re-skilling the frontline workforce to re-purpose career pathways in alternate carrier business models, and how they are addressing the gap for leaders in the terminal and depot environment. 

Peco Pallet
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How PECO Pallet is evolving its DE&I strategy to increase engagement from remote office workforce to the distribution depot workforce. 

How Highway Transport is reassessing compensation & benefits to stay competitive in logistics

Among the 2023 Companies:

Logistics Service Providers

Fleet Management 

Air, Trucking, Freight Rail,
Maritime Shipping

Courier, Express & Parcel
& Last Mile Delivery

US Express
Peco Pallet
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Leonard's Express
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Hansen & Adkins
Highway Transport
FLS Transport
CR England

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